Hi. I'm Remo @remoblaser Blaser 馃


Short Bio

I'm a Head of Engineering with more than 10 years of experience in a variety of domains. Since 2023 I've been working for Carvolution, responsible for the whole engineering departement. Besides that I'm into cloud infrastructures, bleeding edge technologies and microservices for various side projects.

While there isn't a Wikipedia page about me (sorry folks!), a media bio is available below.


In my role as a Director Innovation & Technology for STARK Esports, I was responsible for the whole engineering department, creating our very own SaaS solution called The Esports Software used by customers all around the world, some servicing thousands of users.

My work involved coordinating the engineering team, serve as a connection between the upper management and the team, define and establish new strategies but also reporting back to the investors and dealing with everyday IT issues.

At JLS DIGITAL AG I was able to gain a lot of experience as a squad leader, leading a team of 6-8 developers in Switzerland and abroad. Additionally I've I was part of the development itself, creating apps with React Native, backends with NodeJS & Java and making sure our Kubernetes instances are doing what they're told.

Besides my work, I've reserved some of my time to work as a freelancer. This ensures I'm able to work with bleeding edge technologies and keeps me up to date with the whole software landscape. Writing down all the things I learn on this blog.

Work Experience

  • Sep 2023 Present
    Head of Engineering
    Carvolution AG
  • Apr 2022 Aug 2023
    Director Innovation & Technology
    STARK Esports Switzerland AG
    As a director, I have acquired extensive experience in effectively managing an entire department, which involves defining the strategic direction, providing regular updates and reports to upper management, and acting as a crucial bridge between them and a multidisciplinary team comprising developers, designers, and project managers. Furthermore, I took on the responsibility of overseeing the entire IT infrastructure and actively contributed to pitches and other business-related initiatives.
  • Jul 2018 Mar 2022
    Software Developer & Squad Lead
    I immersed myself in mobile development using React Native, resulting in the successful creation of comprehensive backends with NodeJS and Java. Additionally, I played an active role in contributing to the definition of our software architecture as part of a collaborative team effort. My responsibilities expanded further as I delved deeper into managing deployments and working with Kubernetes. Following my promotion to Squad Leader, I acquired valuable experience in leadership, honing my ability to effectively guide and manage teams.
  • Jun 2017 Jun 2018
    Software Developer & Deputy Head of Development
    cubetech GmbH
    I gained substantial expertise in crafting websites through extensive use of WordPress. During this journey, I also had my initial exposure to leadership, which allowed me to define and implement new processes, workflows, and architectures to enhance efficiency and productivity.
  • Jan 2015 Mai 2017
    Full Stack Developer
    My role involved developing websites and web applications for small and medium-sized companies, utilizing platforms like WordPress and Typo3. Moreover, I took on the responsibility of overseeing and managing our VPS servers.

Let's Connect

I'm excited to connect with others via email and Twitter to chat about projects and ideas. Currently, I'm also taking on freelance projects, I am open to hearing about potential opportunities, discussing them with you and then potentially collaborating if it's a good fit.