My resume


  • 2014 · 2017
    Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education Software Engineering
    Schweizerische Fachschule TEKO
    I pursued an advanced diploma in software engineering, complemented by management-focused subjects. This program provided me with the opportunity to expand my existing knowledge and engage in insightful discussions with experienced lecturers actively involved in the industry.
  • 2007 · 2011
    Swiss-certified IT-Specialist in Engineering
    gibb Berufsfachschule Bern
    I completed a fundamental IT apprenticeship, with a specific emphasis on software engineering. Throughout the apprenticeship, I had the valuable opportunity to apply and implement the knowledge gained while working at Postfinance as a software engineering apprentice.

Work Experience

  • Sep 2023 · Present
    Head of Engineering
    Carvolution AG
  • Apr 2022 · Aug 2023
    Director Innovation & Technology
    STARK Esports Switzerland AG
    As a director, I have acquired extensive experience in effectively managing an entire department, which involves defining the strategic direction, providing regular updates and reports to upper management, and acting as a crucial bridge between them and a multidisciplinary team comprising developers, designers, and project managers. Furthermore, I took on the responsibility of overseeing the entire IT infrastructure and actively contributed to pitches and other business-related initiatives.
  • Jul 2018 · Mar 2022
    Software Developer & Squad Lead
    I immersed myself in mobile development using React Native, resulting in the successful creation of comprehensive backends with NodeJS and Java. Additionally, I played an active role in contributing to the definition of our software architecture as part of a collaborative team effort. My responsibilities expanded further as I delved deeper into managing deployments and working with Kubernetes. Following my promotion to Squad Leader, I acquired valuable experience in leadership, honing my ability to effectively guide and manage teams.
  • Jun 2017 · Jun 2018
    Software Developer & Deputy Head of Development
    cubetech GmbH
    I gained substantial expertise in crafting websites through extensive use of WordPress. During this journey, I also had my initial exposure to leadership, which allowed me to define and implement new processes, workflows, and architectures to enhance efficiency and productivity.
  • Jan 2015 · Mai 2017
    Full Stack Developer
    My role involved developing websites and web applications for small and medium-sized companies, utilizing platforms like WordPress and Typo3. Moreover, I took on the responsibility of overseeing and managing our VPS servers.